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STORAGE ON RACKS WITH SAFETY EQUIPMENT Warehouse provides proper storage system and proper sorting system based on commodity of the cargo and also different classes of dangerous goods compliance international Segregation and Stowage Guidelines. Warehouse is fully equipped with Safety Equipment such as Fire Alarms, Fire Hose Reels, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Eye Wash, Emergency Shower, response equipment and first aid kits to ensure the highest level of safety standards for both the cargo and the staff handling the cargoes.

WELL TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED STAFF Our warehouse staff is regularly trained by our internal EHS Specialist to have extensive knowledge of handling chemicals including Identification of DG and its Classification, Hazards associated with DG, using of PPE, understanding of SDS, Emergency Response and Medical First Aid.

WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT AND VALUE ADDED SERVICES The warehousing services under special customs privileges such as Bonded/EPZ/Free Zone are also available. The value-added services such as Sampling, Re-packing, Shrink-wrapping or any other services are also available upon request.

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