WHAT ARE HAZARDOUS GOODS (Commonly known as Dangerous Goods "DG")?

Dangerous goods are items or materials that are corrosive, infectious, toxic, flammable, or explosive. These goods are hazardous in nature, and if not properly controlled, they may endanger the safety and health of humans and the surrounding environment. To reduce the likelihood of risks, these goods should be transported in a very safe manner. Passengers are therefore prohibited from transporting these items in their luggage or in the aircraft cabin. The transportation of this type of goods is governed and controlled by a variety of regulatory laws at both the international and national levels. These regimes require safe means of transporting dangerous goods. They specify how the goods should be labeled, packaged, handled, and transported.

One of ALPS professional service is to handle hazardous cargo for all Air, Sea and Land Service locally and internationally. With many years in handling dangerous goods, ALPS Global logistics is committed to provide a one-stop logistics for hazardous cargoes to all our clients. With our extensive network agency around the world, we can handle most of the DG goods around the world.

Our DG/Hazardous Service

  • Dangerous Goods Packaging for Air and Sea freight cargo

  • Dangerous Goods Declaration for Air and sea freight cargo

  • Dangerous Goods Direct loading or Direct delivery for FCL container

  • Dangerous Goods  Local Transportation (Locally)

  • Dangerous Goods  FCL Trucking (Orange Plate / Normal DG Container Trucking)

  • Air/Sea freight Dangerous Goods packaging

  • Hazardous Material Disposal

  • Dangerous Goods Storage

  • Dangerous Goods Transshipment/Cross trade

All of DG Packaging’s activities are performed in accordance with global safety standards such as IATA/ICAO/IMDG/IMO regulations for the safe handling and transport of Dangerous Goods. We are always kept up-to-date and familiar with the latest regulatory environment to ensure safe and timely transportation of Dangerous cargo.

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