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ALPS Global Logistics: Your Partner in Air Freight Cargo in Singapore

In today's commercialised world, air freight plays a pivotal role in international trade and logistics. The ability to transport goods swiftly and efficiently via air has revolutionised the way businesses operate, ensuring timely deliveries and expanding market reach. For businesses seeking fast and reliable cargo transportation solutions, air freight remains an indispensable choice.

Leading the industry since 2013, ALPS Global Logistics provides excellent air freight services in Singapore. We provide you with personalised services in shipping and guarantee that you can always trust us with your cargo.

Are you looking for a reliable cargo agent to handle your valuable items? ALPS Global Logistics is here to help!

What to Consider When Shipping Items on Air Freight?

We understand that transporting goods by air can be daunting. With years of experience and sheer dedication, we make it easy for you. Air freight transportation generally comes with a set of heavy rules, regulations, and formalities. We are here to make you aware of every step comprehensively and guide you throughout.

If you are planning to ship your valuable goods by air freight, here’s what you need to know: 

  • In general, options for air freight transportation include commercial cargo aircraft, passenger aircraft's cargo hold, and passenger aircraft.

  • In the common procedure, the air freight provider you've chosen receives the cargo at the airline terminal to begin the air freight transit process. Following preparation, it is loaded into the aircraft.

  • In contrast to passenger airline cargo, commercial cargo is a special service where the entire plane is a cargo hold, which is a giant flying container. In commercial cargo, large palletised freight, boxes, coffins or human remains, automobiles, machinery, and occasionally animals can be transported with care.

  • Depending on where you are and where your goods are going, air freight transportation can take a while. But bear in mind that this only applies to air travel, excluding the time taken to deliver the goods to the aircraft and then to the desired destination after landing.

  • The cargos that transport your goods are two types: General Cargo, Special Cargo.

General Cargo or Special Cargo?

Our air freight services in Singapore always comply with (International Air Transport Association) IATA guidelines, and here’s how we classify your goods under general and special cargo:

  • Items classified as general cargo do not fall under the Special Cargo categories and do not need to be handled or transported with additional care. Retail and the majority of consumer goods, including textiles, hardware, and dry goods, fall under this category.

  • The term "special cargo" refers to products that may require special packing, labelling, paperwork, and treatment along the transport chain due to their nature, weight, dimensions, or value. This includes products that are temperature- and time-sensitive, dangerous goods, live animals, and perishable and wet cargo.

What Can You Ship by Air? 

Unlike land freight and sea freight, the things you can transport on air freight are limited. Here’s a list of the items that most airlines accept:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Produce and perishable agricultural products

  • Seafood

  • Just-in-time production and emergency shipments of parts

  • Seasonal items with a short life, such as fruits

  • Exotic plants and flowers

  • Documents

  • Production samples

  • Electronic consumer goods

  • Live animals

Put Your Trust in Our Services

As ALPS Global Logistics always puts its clients first, you are always assured of receiving excellent service. Leading air freight in Singapore for years, we guarantee that all our shipments are made under standard conditions with high security, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your goods are in safe hands.

We offer a comprehensive range of air freight services in Singapore, facilitating seamless cargo handling to destinations worldwide. Leveraging longstanding partnerships with major airlines and an extensive global network, our company ensures efficient delivery and competitive rates.

As experienced professionals in the logistics industry, we guarantee that you can always rely on our services. Our premium air freight services in Singapore offer,

  • Cargo Consolidation and Efficient Booking: We offer regular air cargo freight consolidation services, enabling customers to benefit from cost-effective shipping options while optimising cargo space.

  • Specialised Handling: With expertise in carrying live animals, perishable goods such as food items, and hazardous materials, our dedicated air freight cargo in Singapore ensures the secure transportation of delicate and time-sensitive goods.

  • Customs Clearance and Documentation: We streamline the customs clearance process for all types of freight, minimising delays and ensuring smooth transit of goods. Our proficient team handles all necessary paperwork with precision and efficiency.

  • Project Cargo Management: For heavy, oversized, or highly valuable cargo requiring specialised handling, we provide comprehensive logistics solutions ensuring safe and reliable delivery.

Our Air Freight Services in Singapore 

These are the air freight services we offer at ALPS Global Logistics:

  • Efficient booking on all major airlines and services to major airports in the world

  • Regular air cargo freight consolidation service on a weekly basis

  • Professional handling of live fish/animals and perishable goods

  • Door-to-door delivery and air freight customs clearance for freight of all kinds of goods

  • Professional packing and handling of air freight cargoes.

  • Professional hazardous cargo (dangerous cargo) packing based on certain IATA standards

  • Comprehensive logistics solutions for transporting heavy and oversized cargoes

  • Air freight tariff and route advice

  • Cargo strapping/palletising in accordance with airline requirements

Why ALPS Global Logistics Can Be Your Ideal Air Freight Partner?

At ALPS Global Logistics, we understand how valuable your goods are, both monetarily and sentimentally. With our reliable air freight services in Singapore, you can always expect a fast and safe delivery. Having us onboard, you can experience:

  • Timely Deliveries and Secure Handling: We understand the importance of time-sensitive shipments, and we take every measure to ensure prompt deliveries. Our commitment to secure handling and stringent safety protocols safeguards your valuable cargo throughout its journey.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: When it comes to ALPS Global Logistics, customer satisfaction is paramount. We believe in providing personalised solutions to meet individual requirements, tailoring services to suit all your specific cargo needs.

  • Transparent Communication and Tracking: We foster transparent communication, keeping clients informed at every stage of the shipping process. With our real-time tracking capabilities, you can have peace of mind knowing your cargo's progress.

Contact ALPS Global Logistics at +65 6710 4851 today or scroll down and get a service quote to enjoy the best air freight services in Singapore!

FAQ about Air Freight Cargo in Singapore

1. How long does air freight shipping take?

Air freight shipping times vary depending on the destination and the chosen airline. Generally, it is faster compared to sea freight, and the transit times range from a few days to a week for most destinations.

2. What are the costs involved in air freight shipping?

The cost of air freight shipping is influenced by several factors, including cargo weight, dimensions, distance, and any additional services required. ALPS Global Logistics offers competitive rates tailored to meet both customers' budgets and shipping needs.

3. How is cargo safety ensured during air freight transportation?

ALPS Global Logistics prioritises cargo safety and adheres to stringent safety standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our professional handling and packaging comply with IATA regulations, safeguarding cargoes throughout transit.

4. Are there any specific packaging requirements for air freight cargo?

Yes, air freight cargo has specific packaging requirements to ensure safe transportation. Our experienced team offers professional packing and handling services to ensure your cargo is properly prepared for air transport.

5. What are the customs clearance procedures for air freight shipments?

Customs clearance typically requires a considerable amount of paperwork and formalities. However, at ALPS Global Logistics, we handle all customs clearance procedures for you, minimising delays and ensuring smooth transit.

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