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How Does Air Freight Work?

Have you ever sent packages to your relatives, clients, or business partners living overseas? Shipping goods is always faster when it is done by air. Even though it is slightly more expensive than land freight and sea freight, it is considered the safest and fastest shipping method at present.

Today, a vast range of items, including mail, clothing, foodstuffs, vehicles, industrial equipment, animals, and other airplanes, can be carried via air freight. It also plays an important role in operating an efficient supply chain. In general, there are three basic forms of air freight: cargo carried by passenger airlines, cargo carried by special aircraft known as supercargo planes, and cargo carried by dedicated freight planes. In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about air freight in Singapore.

Air Freight Is Beneficial on Many Levels

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Undoubtedly, air freight is the fastest way to ship your goods. However, it brings many more advantages than you think.

1. As most air freight services have an extensive network of airlines, they have access to anywhere in the world.

2. Due to the high availability of commercial flights, you don’t have to deal with long delays even if a flight is missed.

3. Air freight services offer multiple delivery options including same-day, next-day, second-day air, and deferred air.

4. Air freight is the safest method of shipping goods. There is also less chance of damage because cargo frequently flies from the point of origin to the point of destination on a single aircraft.

5. As it requires minimal warehousing facilities, it is convenient. There is less need to pay for warehouse space because air shippers often maintain smaller stocks and ship on more constrained timetables.

Domestic Air Freight vs. International Air Freight

Both domestic and international air shipments go through the same transit process, but there are some important distinctions to be aware of. When importing or exporting air cargo, you will encounter more complex documentation requirements and be required to clear your goods with Customs. The deadlines for tendering a package and the available delivery methods are other distinctions.

How Much Do Air Freight Services Cost?

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It is no secret that air freight services in Singapore cost slightly higher than other methods of shipping. The rate depends on the goods you're shipping, the company and aircraft you choose, and the chargeable weight of the consignment. The charged weight is greater than the volumetric weight or the gross weight (freight, packaging, and pallet included).

The formula used to determine volumetric weight divides the cargo's dimensions (LxWxH) by a dimensional weight factor. The chargeable weight formula is used by air freight carriers because it takes into account the fact that larger, lighter products often take up more space than small, heavier ones.

The Air Freight Rates Can Fluctuate Due to the Following Factors.

Other than the weight and the type of goods, the following factors affect the rates of your shipment.

  • Airport security costs

  • Airline handling charges

  • Customs clearance charges

  • Fuel surcharges

  • Container freight station charges

  • Associated trucking costs

It is always advised to ask for a quotation when you are looking for air freight cargo in Singapore. You can contact ALPS Global Logistics and get a quote to enjoy the best air freight services in Singapore.


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