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Established in 2013, ALPS Global Logistics has paved the way for personalised services within the shipping and logistics industry. We aim to suit the requirements of international demand by offering a broad spectrum of logistics services. 

This includes: 
Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)
Full Container Load (FCL)
Loose Container Load (LCL)
Ocean Freight and Air Freight
Door-To-Door Services
Customs Brokerage Services
Project Shipments
Third Party Logistics
Warehousing and Island wide Distribution

We also have the advantage of offering a global network to clients, which allows our partners to focus on delivering goods at a higher yield. 

Air and Sea Freight logistics




“Never jump right into a new business without any thought or planning.” - Kavan Low

In today’s fast-developing business world, many consumers often lament much lack of attention and focus when it comes to providing top-notch customer service. Unlike many of these enterprises, international logistics and shipping companies, ALPS Global Logistics have broken away from this trend, choosing instead to pay great attention to customer satisfaction, which has yielded great results. The company’s co-founders had long wanted to start a joint venture together, with a wealth of industry experiences between them and believing they could make a difference in the industry. Presented with the right opportunities, they decided to set up ALPS Global Logistics in January 2013. Today, the company runs in its own premises at Woodlands with a strength of eight staff.

Faced with a volatile market, the founders were forced to keep up whilst trying to gain the trust of their new clients and overseas associates. This proved to be their biggest challenge at the time of the company’s inception. However, they managed to overcome this partly because of its small scale, which allowed the management to adapt and execute plans more efficiently as compared to other larger organizations.

Today, ALPS Global Logistics has become a one-stop logistics solutions hub offering a wide variety of logistics services. It aims to constantly improve its services through regular upgrading and seeks to provide its clients with efficient sales and customer service as well as competitive rates and customize solutions. Our dedication and commitment treating our clients’ businesses as our own have also led it to provide a 24-hour standby service that keeps clients updated about shipping progresses. This helps to achieve time and cost saving for our clients. Although ALPS Global Logistics currently does not have plans for overseas ventures, we are keen to continue expanding locally through investments and trading. To better differentiate the company’s investment and logistics profile, we hope to incorporate a new identity in the near future whilst overseas agents focus on handling the company’s overseas portfolio. Meanwhile, ALPS Global Logistics continues to expand its clientele through the use of social media platforms, establishing rapport with existing clients, word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients.

In evaluating the company’s success, we cite the crucial individual contributions of each of our staff as being extremely important for growth. With a small workforce, we believe that each member of the staff has his or her own role to play. A small but efficient workforce will eventually lead to lower operating costs, increases revenue and by extension, better staff welfare benefits in the long run.

We have some sound words of advice for those seeking to break in a hectic and often intense industry like the logistics and shipping trade. Firstly, “We believe that a baptism of fire is often the best way to learn and grow”, “Learn under fire, no business book or plan can predict the future or fully prepare you to become a successful entrepreneur”. At the same time, however, we would like to emphasize the value of sufficient preparation prior to starting a business.

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